Fashion 4 Ya


As the sister site of Sunglasses Best (, we've been devoted to provide you with the most fashionable swimsuits from China.


We're focused on swimwears from bikini to monoki, with hundreds of different styles.


Buy more and get bigger discount

Throughout the whole store, when you buy 3 pieces, you will get 10% off, 6 pieces for 20% off, and 12 pieces for as much as 30% off!

Unlike other sellers, we don't push you to refer any of our items to your friends for the discount. Here as long as you buy at least 3 pairs of any swimsuits, you'll get the minimum 10% off. And the more you buy, the more discount (up to 30% off) you will earn.


Mix any styles, sizes and colors, but still get the discount

Unlike other stores or shopping malls, when you buy different styles, you won't get any discount and have to pay extra shipping fee. Here you can MIX any models, sizes and colors, but you will still enjoy the discount stated above!

That means when there are 12 items in your cart, whatever extra item is added in, there will be immediate 30% off, even though you pick only one color or one size. For example if a bikini's original price is $8.00, if it's the 13th piece in your cart, then the price will be $5.60 only.

If you shop at other malls, when you buy 3 items from 3 different sellers, you'll have to pay triple freight. But here you pay the shipping fee once for all.


Paypal accepted

We accept Paypal, which double gurantees the shipping, product quality and customer service. Then you don't have to worry aobut your money, just focus on the styles that you're interested in.


SIGN UP before you shop

For your convenience, it is strongly recommended that you sing up before you place an order,  because you'll be able to add the items in your favorite list or directly add them into the cart when you're looking around, so that it is easy to find them when you're back, even though you don't buy them now.


Easier to search

In order to make it easier to find what you're interested, we orgazise all items in some methods.

First of all, when we check if a swimsuit is splited, all items can be sorted into two main catetories, 'Bikini' (or two piece swimsuit) and 'Monokini’( or one piece swimsuit)

According to the pattern, we separate them into some types like animal print (including classical leopard print and snakeskin print), tie-dye print, or patchwork (color blocks) print.

When some bras have the push-up suport, we list them in the 'underwired bra' cagetory. In the light of shoulder straps style, we classify some items into the categories of 'One Shoulder' or 'Bandeau Bra'. Traditional spaghetti strap style is mixed in all other catetories, because most of swimsuits fall in this type.

Based on the decoration kinds, we assort them into 'Rings Linked', 'Chains Linked', 'Belted' or 'Frill / Ruffle hem'.

On the basis of material, we divide them into the group 'rib (or ribbed)', 'shiny (bling or glittery)'.


What you see is what you get

Unlike other stores who list some model pictures only, we listed all REAL ITEM pictures too. That means it won't confuse you when you receive your parcel, what you will receive is just what you have seen on the site.


As much original description as possible

Unlike other vendors who just simply copy titles or descriptions from others, we've been trying to make most of descriptions as original as possible. For example, if a swimsuit isn't made with underwire, but some sellers still say 'push up' in the texts. But actually a swimsuit doesn't have enough push-up support if the underwire isn't built in. It may disappoiint you when you receive the real item, because you expect them to have enough push-up support but actually they don't.